SAWANOBORI is very fun! 沢登りっておもしろい!

7th June 2003 to 8th June at Mitani ,Kami-town Hyogo
兵庫県加美町三谷渓谷 2003年6月7日〜6月8日

Sawanobori is the climbming in the water. We put on WARAJI ,Japanese old shoes.
It is very fun!!
Joint event with OWAF beginners' class mountaineering school .
i写真は、大阪労山 初級登山学校 のホームページからお借りしてきました。.


This is the outline of Akemi Ito's report .
Hello . We went to the Mitani ravine of Kami-cho, Hyogo and enjoyed SAWANOBORI.
Participants are Omi and the Toshinori Ito 、 Akemi Ito.
We left Morinomiya at 16:50 June 7 Saturday on Ito's vehicle.
We bought food and liquor in a Nishiwaki city and arrives at the Mt.Sengamine parking around 19:40.
We finished setting up our big-tent in heavy rain and started the party,after then we had big party
with beginners' class mountaineering school members.
Sunday was very fine.
We started past 8:00 after breakfast .
The Mitani ravine is best for a beginner.
Only one waterfall is required for a rope, but the rest of course is able to go with helping sling.
Mitani ravine is near from Osaka and a parking is large and with a toilet.
It was very much comfortable for SAWANOBORI.
We finished SAWANOBORI at 11:00, and walked along a mountain trail about 40 minutes,
and got to the summit of Mt.Sengamine 1005m at 12:10.
We came back and arrived at a parking 13:15.
Mitani ravine was greatly pleased. Let's go next time. Bye-bye.

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